The who, what, when, where, and why of American Legion Auxiliary Foundation grants

By now, you’ve probably heard that the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation has grants, but you might be wondering – who are they for, what can they be used for, when should I apply, and why do they exist? Who: ALA Foundation grants are for ALA entities – so your unit, district/county, or department can apply!

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American Legion Auxiliary Foundation grant brings awareness to Ohio Unit 214’s mission

American Legion Auxiliary Ohio Unit 214, like so many units nationwide, works tirelessly to support veterans, military, and their families. But members knew they could be doing more to let their community know who is behind all of the programs and events they run. That’s why they applied for a Mission in Action grant from

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American Legion Auxiliary Foundation and Illinois Unit 474 team up to help heroes from a distance

Members of American Legion Auxiliary Illinois Unit 474, along with many Auxiliary units across the country, were disappointed that their usual volunteer work was cut short in 2020 due to COVID-19 regulations. But having recently received a Veteran Projects Fund grant from the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation, the unit was determined to assist veterans during

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Alaska veterans safely reunite with loved ones with help of an American Legion Auxiliary Foundation grant

The Alaska Veterans and Pioneer Home strives to give veterans the highest quality of life by providing assisted living in a safe home setting which promotes independence, positive relationships, meaningful activities, and physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. Some of the best ways to improve the well-being of these residents is by providing social interaction opportunities

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ALA Department of Nebraska goes above and beyond for veterans with help of ALA Foundation grant

The Eastern Nebraska Veterans Home (ENVH) provides care, therapy, and residence to 120 veterans at a time. They go above and beyond for our nation’s heroes, ensuring that veterans with varying needs get the distinct and top-of-the-line treatment they deserve. One wing of the home treats up to 30 veterans with dementia. In summer 2019,

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American Legion Auxiliary Kansas Girls State program increases branding and awareness with help of ALA Foundation grant

The American Legion Auxiliary Girls State and Girls Nation programs reach thousands of young women across the country each year and help them develop and strengthen their knowledge of government and leadership skills.Despite being a major priority for Auxiliary volunteers, young women who have heard of or even attended ALA Girls State or ALA Girls

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Syracuse Veterans Creative Arts Festival celebrates veterans artistic expression

  All veterans deserve to be celebrated, and the American Legion Auxiliary volunteers at the Syracuse Veterans Creative Arts Festival in New York make this a top priority year after year.The event hosts dozens of local veterans in a creative competition and celebration, and, since 2014, the festival organizers have relied on the support of

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ALA Foundation sub-grant allows for more ALA Badger Girls State participants

 photo Hannah Catt For over 75 years, the American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State program has brought bright students from across Wisconsin together to develop leadership skills, learn the basics of state government, and gain confidence in their ability to make a difference in the world. “[ALA Girls State] was made up of outstanding young

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ALA Foundation grant makes serving Maine veterans easier

The wheelchairs used by volunteers and staff to transport patients around the Togus Veterans Affairs Medical center in Augusta, Maine, were heavy, outdated, and cumbersome. As a part of a larger statewide effort, American Legion Auxiliary Maine Unit 81 decided to purchase two new Stryker Prime TC Transport Chairs for the medical center. Knowing each

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ALA Foundation grant helps dress veterans for success

At Pennyroyal Veterans Center in Hopkinsville, Ky., 50 homeless veterans at a time have a place to live and the resources to rebuild their life. By providing the basic necessities, residents are able to focus on going the extra mile to improve their situation. At the center, substance abuse and mental health treatments are available,

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