Terri Wallace

A 15-year American Legion Auxiliary member and 3-year member of the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation Board of Directors, Terri Wallace considers herself “Small Town, USA.”

“My personal philosophy is this — we have many members who come from different backgrounds. Some come from well-to-do families and can give big sums to the [American Legion Auxiliary Foundation],” Wallace said. “On the opposite side, some people cannot, so they give their time.”

Both are important, and in her county, she sees many members who want to make a larger impact, but additional donations are sometimes too big of a stretch.

“That’s when I tell them about AmazonSmile — a simple way we all can give,” Wallace said.

“If you’re already using Amazon, you’re not going to have to spend any more money; you will just redirect the money you’re already spending to the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation.”

Wallace became an ALA member in honor of both her husband and father, who instilled within her a passion to help veterans, military, and their families, however she can.

When she is able, Wallace gives of her time and money to the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation. But when it’s harder to give, she knows that at the very least, 0.5 percent of the money she already spends on Amazon (for things like food for her dog), can go toward the mission of the ALA Foundation.

Wallace enjoys her service with the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation because she feels she makes a difference.

“I always want to know how my efforts and experience can help others and make an impact, not only in my backyard but across the nation,” Wallace said. “Everything the Foundation does is a way of helping others, and that is where my joy comes from.”

Not only does Wallace use AmazonSmile, but she is a huge advocate of it in her small county of Livingston, N.Y., and often meets with small groups of ALA members to help them sign up.

A former classroom teacher, Wallace said sometimes just telling members about AmazonSmile isn’t enough — you have to show them. She knows if people don’t understand the basics of logging in to AmazonSmile, they probably won’t sign up.

“I try not to scare people off,” Wallace laughed, “so I help them. Then I tell them to show their mother, their grandmothers, their uncles, because anyone is allowed to do it — you don’t have to be an ALA member to give.”

To date, AmazonSmile has raised $9,789.65 for the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation.

Go to www.smile.amazon.com to designate 0.5 percent of your purchases to the ALA Foundation, or click here to find out more. If you have questions, please contact the ALA National Headquarters Development Division at development@ALAforVeterans.org or (317) 569-4500.