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The ALA Foundation offers two grant opportunities, Veteran Projects Fund and Veterans Creative Arts Festival. The ALA Foundation Board of Directors reviews grant applications on a quarterly basis. To ensure your application is submitted on time and reviewed for completeness prior to the board meeting, please refer to the table below.

Quarter Submission Dates Review Dates Funding Awarded
Q1 December 21 – March 20 April June
Q2 March 21 – June 20 July September
Q3 June 21 – September 20 October December
Q4 September 21 – December 20 January March

The ALA Foundation can also serve on behalf of ALA entities seeking funding assistance when a granting entity only provides funding to 501 (c)(3) organizations. This unique granting opportunity is referenced below as a subgrant and these grant applications are processed in the order that they are received; not quarterly. The ALA Foundation is dedicated to assisting ALA units, districts/counties, and departments in their efforts to fund and support local veterans, military, and their families.

ALA Foundation Grants FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Veteran Projects Fund grants:

  • Kentucky Unit 74: $943.00 to replace a washer and dryer at Pennyroyal Veterans Center.
  • Department of Alaska: $2,558.40 for patio furniture at the Alaskan Veterans Home.
  • North Carolina Unit 116: $3,007.16 for a bingo machine for the local VA medical center.
  • Maine Unit 86: $1,920.00 for All Terrain Beach Wheelchairs for Scarborough Veterans Home.
  • Department of South Dakota: $8,000.00 for adaptive sports kayaks for Sioux Falls VA Hospital.
  • Delaware Unit 28: $10,000.00 to purchase a minivan for the Home of the Brave .
  • Department of Kentucky: $8,000.00 to replace walk-in refrigerator and freezer compressors for Lady Veterans Connect .
  • Illinois Unit 474: $7,400.00 for Echo Show technology for Hine VA Hospital Blind Center patient rooms.
  • Department of New Hampshire: $1,900.00 to replace kitchen appliances at Warriors at 45 North.
  • South Dakota Unit 311: $1,414.29 for a computer for Fort Meade veterans home.

Veterans Creative Arts Festival grants:

  • Department of Vermont: $2,500.00 to support the marketing and implementation of VA White River Junction Vermont’s VCAF.
  • New York Unit 1524: $1,600.00 to provide awards and recognition to VCAF participants at Syracuse VA Medical Center.
  • Department of Nebraska: $1,630.00 for art supplies and certificates for Grand Island VA Medical Center’s VCAF.


  • Department of Oregon: $25,000.00 Grantor: William K Blount Family Fund or Oregon Community Foundation
    • Project: 2020 ALA Oregon Girls State
  • New York Unit 120: $500.00 Grantor: The Rothenberg Family Charitable Fund
    • Project: Services to veterans in the Palmyra, NY community
  • Maryland Unit 296: $500.00 Grantor: John & Patricia Bowell Foundation Raymond James Charitable
    • Project: ALA Maryland Girls State
  • Wisconsin: Unit 245: $375.00 Grantor: Thrivent Member Network – South Wisconsin Region
    • Project: Camp American Legion Wish List
  • Minnesota Unit 294: $700.00 Grantor: John W. Roth American Legion Post 294
    • Project: Support of Veterans – local, district and state
  • New York Unit 120: $500.00 Grantor: Goldman Sachs
    • Project: Services to veterans in the Palmyra, NY community
  • Iowa Unit 27: $3,000.00 Grantor: Monsanto/Bayer Company
    • Project: Quilts of Valor
  • Department of Iowa: $1,250.00 Grantor: Monsanto/Bayer Company
    • Project: Iowa American Legion Auxiliary Junior Camp
  • Arizona Unit 62: $1,000.00 Grantor: Ascanio and Jean Boccuti Family Charitable Fund
    • Project: HEAL HER Art Program
  • Iowa Unit 1: $500.00 Grantor: Liberty Diversified International
    • Project: Girls State Tuition
  • ALA National Headquarters: $5,000.00 Grantor: CSX
    • Project: ALA Veterans’ Caregiver Respite Event
  • Illinois Unit 1941: $500.00 Grantor: Vanguard Charitable for Jim and Pam Harris Fund
    • Project: Mary Patterson/Helen Olson Educational Scholarship

Thank you for your desire to serve our nation’s heroes through projects in your community. The American Legion Auxiliary Foundation is here to help you by providing easy to apply for grants to help make your programs a success. Once you have identified which grant you are applying for, (Not there yet? Click here) please use this guide to help in the application process.

1. Download/print the corresponding application by clicking on the links below:

Keep in mind that these applications are not exactly the same, but follow a very similar format.

2. Read – Make sure to look over the information at the front of the application. Knowing this and following the instructions listed carefully will give you the best chance at being awarded a grant.

3. Fill out your application –

  • The first page on each application is contact information for your ALA Entity. Be sure to fill this out completely, and if you are applying for a subgrant, be sure to include information regarding who your money is being donated from, and their contact information.
  • Next, you will fill out the grant proposal summary (and the Action Steps/Target Dates for Veteran Projects Fund). This is where you need to really sell your project. Make sure to explain what you will be doing, who you will be impacting, and the importance your project will have in your community. The more details the better, and make sure not to leave any questions blank.
  • Thirdly, (for all but the subgrants) you will need to fill out a budget for the goods and services you will be paying for with the grant funds. Add up the total amount needed from the ALA Foundation. For Veteran Projects Fund, make sure to factor in the 20 percent match by your ALA Entity (If you are applying to appeal your match, please fill out the last page as well – keep in mind that these waves are rarely granted, so be sure to contribute as much as you can!)

4.Turn it in!
Email your application to, with your ALA Entity in the subject line!
For subgrants, be sure to ask the grantor to include a note when they mail their check in, so that we know the money is for a subgrant – this will help the process move even more quickly!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to send us an email at or contact the Development Division at the American Legion Auxiliary National Headquarters via phone at 317-569-4500. We are here to help you help veterans, military, and their families!

  1. After you complete your application and submit it, you will receive a notification email from ALA National Headquarters that your application was received.
  2. ALA National Headquarters staff will then review your application for accuracy and completeness. If there is unclear or missing information, staff will reach out via phone or email.
  3. The ALA Foundation Board of Directors will review applications quarterly and determine final grant awards based on the merits of the application and funds available for granting. The board may make grant amounts in the full amount, partial amount, or may deny funding.
  4. ALA National Headquarters staff will notify grant applicants of their award or denial via email within 15 days of the board’s determination.

Congratulations! We are so thrilled that your project will be supported by the ALA Foundation.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you begin your project that will help you meet the reporting requirements of the ALA Foundation and help us show off your good works to our members!

  1. Share about your project on your unit’s social media or newsletter, or just on your own! The more people that see it, the more chances that other ALA units/departments will be inspired to help their local veterans with the help of the ALA Foundation.
  2. If your project is mentioned in public relations materials, please credit the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation in a clear, unambiguous, and readily identifiable fashion, using the following acknowledgment: “This project was supported by a grant from the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation.”
  3. Be sure to take photographs of your event or project. Pictures are the best way to showcase your project to the world! See how to take the best photographs here: How to take high quality publishable photos
  4. All recipients are required to submit a final progress report within 30 days of completion of the project period, along with any unexpended funds pertaining to the project. The more information you provide on the report, the better we can share your story on our website and help encourage others to apply.
  5. Consider interviewing a beneficiary of your project (with their permission) and write down their thoughts. Hearing from the veterans who were served is the most powerful and rewarding part of what we do!
  6. If the progress report is not received within the allotted time period, the entity will be sent an invoice for the full amount of the grant and will be expected to pay the grant back.
  7. If you have any questions, just email and they will be happy to help!

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