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Every day, we’re reminded of the challenges facing veterans. According to The National Association of Veteran-Serving Organizations, “A comprehensive study from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs shows the suicide rate among women veterans has increased 85 percent over the last 25 years.” The report also revealed that women veterans have a suicide rate nearly 6 times the rate of civilian women. These reports reinforce the American Legion Auxiliary’s need to help our veterans when they return home.

Today, you can do even more for servicemembers in your community through the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation’s Veteran Projects Fund Grants. Applying for a grant is simple and can make a powerful difference in the lives of our veterans. Apply for grant funds today, and let the ALA Foundation help you help our veterans! Here’s how.


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Veterans’ needs vary in each community, with some experiencing higher rates of unemployment and others higher rates of depression. That’s why it’s important to do some research before deciding on a project.

[vector_icon icon=”caret-right”] Talk to the Veterans Health Administration staff at the VA, members of The American Legion, or other organizations about how your unit or department can help veterans.

[vector_icon icon=”caret-right”] After identifying a specific emergent need, make sure your proposed project supports the ALA mission. Other ALA units and departments have successfully requested funding to help purchase laptops and support walking trails for veterans.

[vector_icon icon=”caret-right”] Determine how much money is needed for your proposed project. Keep in mind that the grant request cannot exceed 80 percent of the total project, so you need to raise funds for the remaining 20 percent. For instance, if the total cost of a project is $3,000, apply for a $2,400 grant and raise the remaining $600.


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After identifying a project that meets Veteran Projects Fund Grant requirements, start the grant application process. You can complete the form by filling it out online, faxing it, or submitting through postal mail.

The process is easy – requiring you to fill out only four pages, including a brief description of your project, the amount requested, and a budget for any items that must be funded. Also, you will need to make sure your ALA department or unit is in good standing with both the IRS and the American Legion Auxiliary.

Be sure to explain how veterans can benefit from the funded project. Chances are, you have already gathered most of this information during your research process. If not, ask for more details from a representative of the veterans organization you are assisting.

Submit your application to the ALA Foundation. If more information is needed, an ALA Foundation staff member will contact you.

[vector_icon icon=”caret-right”] Email –
[vector_icon icon=”caret-right”] Fax – (317) 569-4502
[vector_icon icon=”caret-right”] Mail – American Legion Auxiliary National Headquarters, Attn: ALA Foundation, 8945 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46260


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The ALA Foundation Grant Review Committee will determine if your proposal meets eligibility requirements. Next, the ALA Foundation Board of Directors determines the final grant award. In 2016, $67,821 in grants were awarded to 14 organizations through its Veteran Projects Fund Grants and third-party sub grants. Yours could be next! Plenty of funds are available! If your grant is not approved, you will be notified of the reasons so you can submit a revised application.

Now comes the part where veterans in your community receive the fruits of your labor. As with all ALA Foundation grants awarded, the funds must be spent within 12 months. You also will need to submit a report on how funds were spent.

But don’t stop there. Make sure you spread the word on your project to let others know how the ALA and its Foundation are helping veterans in the community. Contact local news organizations, and post updates on social networks, including Facebook.

By doing so, you’re not only helping others understand what it is that we do as an organization, you’re inspiring others to help veterans in need. Good works are contagious.

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