VCAF Mini Grants | Help Your Local Veterans

As a co-presenter of the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival, the American Legion Auxiliary (ALA) is committed to helping veterans heal from physical and psychological wounds through visual and performing arts.

The national festival, along with competitions held at the local level, recognize veterans for their creative accomplishments and educate and demonstrate to communities throughout the country the therapeutic benefits of the arts. But veterans can’t get to the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival without starting at the local level. The purpose of a VCAF Mini Grant is to aid in the wellbeing of veterans by introducing them to art therapy.


The applicant must be an ALA entity – unit, district/county, or department.


vcaf mini grant identify project
Grants may be awarded for transportation for veterans (including to and from the local festival), festival venue, craft items (including, but not limited to, paint brushes, easels, markers, canvas, etc.), special recognition for veterans, photography/videography, and event promotion (e.g., advertising, posters, printed materials, etc.).

Grants may not be awarded for refreshments, any National Veterans Creative Arts Festival expenses, maintenance, or construction costs to festival venue.


ala foundation apply for grant
After identifying a project that meets the VCAF Mini Grant requirements, start the grant application process. You can complete the form by filling it out online, faxing it, or submitting through postal mail.

The process is easy – requiring you to fill out only three pages, including a brief description of your project, the amount requested, and a budget for any items that must be funded up to $2,500. Also, you will need to make sure your ALA department or unit is in good standing with both the IRS and the American Legion Auxiliary.


ala foundation promote your project
Now comes the part where veterans in your community receive the fruits of your labor. As with all ALA Foundation grants awarded, the funds must be spent within 12 months. You also will need to submit a report on how funds were spent. (Details for report submission will be included with the funding.)

But don’t stop there. Make sure you spread the word on your project to let others know how the ALA and its Foundation are helping veterans in the community. Contact local news organizations, and post updates on social media networks, including Facebook. By doing so, you’re not only helping others understand what it is that we do as an organization, you’re also inspiring others to help veterans in need. Good works are contagious.


To submit your application electronically:

[vector_icon icon=”caret-right”] Attach the application to an email and send to In the subject line, include your ALA entity (i.e., IN Unit 0079, Department of Indiana). We will reply in a timely manner that your application has been received.

To submit your application to the ALA Foundation by fax or regular mail:
[vector_icon icon=”caret-right”] Fax – (317) 569-4502
[vector_icon icon=”caret-right”] Mail – American Legion Auxiliary National Headquarters, Attn: ALA Foundation, 8945 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46260

Questions? Please call (317) 569-4500 or visit for more information.