Thank you for your desire to serve our nation’s heroes through projects in your community. The American Legion Auxiliary Foundation is here to help you by providing easy to apply for grants to help make your programs a success. Once you have identified which grant you are applying for, (Not there yet? Click here) please use this guide to help in the application process.

1. Download/print the corresponding application by clicking on the links below:

Keep in mind that these applications are not exactly the same, but follow a very similar format.

2. Read – Make sure to look over the information at the front of the application. Knowing this and following the instructions listed carefully will give you the best chance at being awarded a grant.

3. Fill out your application –

  • The first page on each application is contact information for your ALA Entity. Be sure to fill this out completely, and if you are applying for a subgrant, be sure to include information regarding who your money is being donated from, and their contact information.
  • Next, you will fill out the grant proposal summary (and the Action Steps/Target Dates for Veteran Projects Fund and Mission in Action grants). This is where you need to really sell your project. Make sure to explain what you will be doing, who you will be impacting, and the importance your project will have in your community. The more details the better, and make sure not to leave any questions blank.
  • Thirdly, (for all but the subgrants) you will need to fill out a budget for the goods and services you will be paying for with the grant funds. Add up the total amount needed from the ALA Foundation. For Veteran Projects Fund and Mission in Action grants, make sure to factor in the 20 percent match by your ALA Entity (If you are applying to appeal your match, please fill out the last page as well – keep in mind that these waves are rarely granted, so be sure to contribute as much as you can!)

4.Turn it in!
Email your application to, with your ALA Entity in the subject line!
For subgrants, be sure to ask the grantor to include a note when they mail their check in, so that we know the money is for a subgrant – this will help the process move even more quickly!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to send us an email at or contact the Development Division at the American Legion Auxiliary National Headquarters via phone at 317-569-4500. We are here to help you help veterans, military, and their families!