Carol Campbell’s father, James F. Gallagher, served in the United States Army in World War II from 1941-1943 and joined The American Legion after being honorably discharged. One of Campbell’s first memories was attending an American Legion Family Christmas party with her father and meeting Santa Claus.

That memory was the start of Carol’s dedication to supporting veterans, military, and their families. Campbell has since worked the mission of the American Legion Auxiliary in several capacities at the unit, department, and national level. Through it all, Campbell keeps her focus on the cause.

“It’s all to help our veterans and to see that they obtain what is rightfully theirs,” she said.

Campbell supports veterans by volunteering and contributing financially. She knows how important the work of the American Legion Auxiliary is and wants to ensure that heroic servicemembers are properly taken care of.

“We tell our veterans and our military families that we owe them a debt we can’t repay,” she said.

“I think this is my way to partially repay them. We owe them so much, and I wish I had even more to donate.”

In order to maintain her commitment to the cause and honor the U.S. Army service of her father, brother, and three uncles, Campbell started a monthly donation for the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation. It allows her to budget and give a regular amount each month. She hopes to continue to increase her gift each year.

“It’s just a wonderful way to give back,” she said, “and I believe the ALA Foundation can meet the needs of our veterans and our military.”

Now, as a 14-year American Legion Auxiliary member, Campbell finds great joy in putting on a Christmas party for veterans, military families, and unit members with Virginia Unit 10. She hopes to inspire future ALA members so that the mission can continue for another 100 years.

Join Carol Campbell in her commitment to monthly giving to the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation by donating online and checking the box to “Repeat my donation monthly”.