Lisa Williamson’s journey with the American Legion Auxiliary began when she started bartending at an American Legion post. Later, she worked as an administrative assistant at The American Legion Department of Alaska, in Anchorage, for nine years. While working there, Lisa realized what it meant to be a part of the ALA.

“I learned the Legion is so much more than a bar — it’s a family organization,” she said.

Even after her time working with The American Legion in Anchorage, Lisa continued to attend ALA meetings on a volunteer basis; and upon attending an ALA convention in Alaska, Lisa would secure her first elected position. Since then, she has been hooked on carrying out the mission. “I got my foot in the door and I worked my way up the ladder and something stuck. I caught the bug. I’m just so passionate about our military and our veterans,” she said.

That passion for the ALA’s mission is so strong that it has overlapped with Lisa’s job as a realtor, where she helps veterans and military who wish to buy a home instead of renting or living on one of Alaska’s military bases. Lisa knows the ins and outs of U.S Department of Veterans Affairs loans, and she uses this knowledge to help many veterans, military, and their families find the perfect home.

Not only has Lisa committed much of her time to the ALA, but she donates monthly as well.

“Each time my credit card is charged, I think, ‘Oh, looks like I helped out again.’ It’s investing in ourselves, furthering our programs, and furthering our organization,” Lisa said.

Donating monthly can seem like an overwhelming concept. However, according to Lisa, getting started was simple. “I happened to be sitting in a finance committee meeting and did it right there on my phone. I mean, it was really easy.”

When considering the sacrifices our veterans, military, and their families make, giving monthly is a small thank you. “Think about all the sacrifices that our military and veterans have done for our freedom. Is $20 asking that much?” Lisa said.

When asked why it’s important to donate monthly to support the ALA, Lisa’s answer was straight forward: “It’s the mission. It’s the right thing to do, but, ultimately, it’s investing in an organization that I believe so much in.”

Click here to join Lisa in giving monthly to the American Legion Auxiliary’s century-long mission of serving veterans, military, and their families.