Patriotism runs deep in Beth McGinn’s family. Many members have sacrificed so much, including her uncle, who gave his life at Iwo Jima to protect the nation.

Beth’s father also served in World War II alongside all four of his brothers, and her grandmothers were both Gold Star Mothers. Despite the tragic moments her family endured as a result of military service, Beth never heard her grandmother complain.

“She came over from Ireland and was just trying to get her citizenship when all of her sons joined the military,” Beth said. “We never heard her say, ‘This country took my sons,’ or anything of the sort. She was proud that they served, and that’s why I’m here.”

Beth joined the American Legion Auxiliary under the eligibility of her husband, who served in Vietnam, and to honor her many family members. Needless to say, Beth’s particularly passionate about two pieces of the ALA mission: Americanism and the Poppy Program.

“Americanism means a lot to me because I can interact with children and make sure the things my family did and sacrificed are not forgotten,” Beth said.

After over 18 years of volunteer service with the Auxiliary, Beth still wanted to make a bigger impact for veterans, military, and their families, so she started a monthly gift. By dividing her gifts up each month, Beth not only found the process simpler, but she also found she was able to give more overall.

“It’s easy — you can give just $10 or $20 a month, and it’s seamless,” she said. “It’s a way to keep a reliable stream of dollars to the ALA Foundation.”

With so many payments like phone, television, and music services being automatic monthly subscriptions, Beth said it’s the obvious choice for donating in this day and age.

You can join Beth and start a monthly gift to the American Legion Auxiliary or American Legion Auxiliary Foundation by making an online donation and clicking the box that reads, “Monthly Gifts.” Get started at