Application Closed

The American Legion Auxiliary Foundation Board of Directors is seeking applications for 3-year elected board positions. The ALA Foundation’s primary responsibility is to raise funds to support the programs and services delivered by the American Legion Auxiliary. The Nominating Committee for the ALA Foundation Board is looking for applicants with a passion for the mission of the American Legion Auxiliary and who are willing to make the commitment to build, promote, and sustain the ALA Foundation.

The duties of the ALA Foundation Board of Directors are to govern and oversee the affairs, funds and property of the ALA Foundation subject to the provisions of federal and Indiana laws, its Articles of Incorporation, and its bylaws, policies, and procedures. The Bylaws of the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation include the composition, duties, terms, qualifications, election process, and meeting requirements of the ALA Foundation board of directors. The board typically meets quarterly via teleconference, with at least one annual meeting in-person, and some business conducted by electronic/telephonic means.

The board consists of 7-15 directors. Three serve by virtue of their national positions with the American Legion Auxiliary – the National Vice President, National Secretary and National Treasurer; one is appointed from the ALA National Finance Committee; and three to nine are elected by the ALA Foundation Board of Directors to serve 3-year terms. The American Legion Auxiliary National President serves as ex-officio on the ALA Foundation Board of Directors.

ALA Foundation directors receive no compensation for their services on the board. Board membership shall reflect diversity in geography, donor representation, and bring the expertise, business skills, visibility and vision needed to govern the ALA Foundation.

The ALA Foundation’s Nominating Committee consists of the ALA National President, ALA National Vice President, ALA National Secretary, one committee member appointed by the ALA National President, and one member appointed by the ALA Foundation Board President. The Nominating Committee is especially interested in applicants with fundraising experience who help to reflect the ethnic, age, cultural, and regional diversity of the American Legion Auxiliary.

Application Submission

The ALA Foundation’s nominating committee will verify and review all applications, then select a slate of candidates to be presented to the ALA Foundation Board of Directors. The board will elect individuals from this slate and present those individuals for confirmation to the ALA National Executive Committee (the governing board). The three-year term of service for a new board member begins upon confirmation by the NEC.

Current American Legion Auxiliary Foundation Board Members

The bylaws allow that an elected board member will serve 3-year terms for any number of consecutive terms. The officers of the foundation board are elected annually from the directors of the board.

The elected directors of the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation Board of Directors are:

Anne Parker (Dept of SC)  term ending post-convention 2023

Carrie Davenport (Dept of NY) term ending post-convention 2022

Cathleen MacInnes (Dept of NY) term ending post-convention 2022

Coral May Grout (Dept of MA) term ending post-convention 2021

Diane Duscheck (Dept of WI) term ending post-convention 2023

Doris Hammeke (Dept of KS) term ending post-convention 2022

Kathryn Kaoudis  term ending post-convention 2023

Laura Santino (Dept of CT) term ending post-convention 2021

Rosemarie W. Hauck (Dept of MO) term ending post-convention 2023

Terri Wallace (Dept of NY) term ending post-convention 2022

One member of the ALA Foundation Board is appointed by the ALA National Finance Committee and is currently held by:

Nancy Brown-Park (Dept of CA) term ending post-convention 2022

The other members of the ALA Foundation Board who serve by virtue of their position with the American Legion Auxiliary are:

ALA National President Nicole Clapp (Dept of IA)                  ex-officio member

ALA National Vice President Kathy Daudistel (Dept of KY)    designated director

ALA National Secretary Linda Boone (Dept of OR)                 designated director

ALA National Treasurer Marybeth Revoir (Dept of IL)            designated director

The ALA Foundation Board may appoint an unlimited number of honorary directors to an unlimited number of one-year terms. Currently serving as an honorary director is:

TAL Past National Commander David Rehbein (Dept of IA)    honorary director

Desired Qualifications for ALA Foundation Directors

  • Experience in fund development, major gifts, and/or fundraising
  • Strong business background
  • Philanthropic passion that embraces the purpose of the ALA Foundation

American Legion Auxiliary Foundation Board Member Role and Expectations

  • Make a personally significant annual financial contribution to the organization
  • Attend at least 75% of the board’s scheduled meetings, functions, and special events
  • Serve as a trustworthy steward of the ALA Foundation and the American Legion Auxiliary
  • Be informed about the organization’s mission, services, policies, and programs
  • Prepare for meetings and review all board and committee meeting materials
  • Help identify, prospect and secure personal, corporate, and charitable donations, gifts, and sponsorships for Auxiliary programs
  • Recommend prospective nominees to the board who can make significant contributions to the fulfillment of the mission of the board and the organization
  • Assist in carrying out the board’s fiduciary responsibilities including reviewing annual financial statements, understanding the board’s legal responsibilities and being mindful of the legal implications of board actions, and being prudent of decisions impacting budget and finances
  • Comply with board policies pertaining to conflict of interest and confidentiality