More than three dozen veterans at the Norfolk Veterans Home in Norfolk, Neb., will gain back some comfortability in their lives thanks to a new piece of equipment purchased as part of the ALA District 3 President’s special project benefiting veterans.

In addition to raising money on their own, the department received a $1,800 Veteran Projects Fund grant from the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation to help purchase a new “Sit-to-Stand” standing frame.

“I knew the cost of the standing frame was more than my district could afford,” said District 3 President Adeline Hanel. “But with the funds raised and donated by the units in District 3 plus the grant from the ALA Foundation, I was able to go pursue my project.”

The frame provides alternative positioning, supporting all individuals who are physically challenged.

Along with increased mobility, the frame also provides many health benefits, including improved circulation, reduced swelling, a strengthened cardiovascular system, improved and maintained range of motion, improved strength to trunk and lower extremities, and aid in kidney and bladder functions.

The new equipment has already proven how it creates a positive impact.

“The veteran who demonstrated the standing frame for us indicated this was the first time in over two years that he was able to stand comfortably for a long period of time without anyone helping him,” Hanel said. “He is currently standing up to 22 minutes at one time!”

Hanel is thankful for the grant from the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation. Without it, the district wouldn’t have been able to make the purchase.

“From the start, my goal was to do something for the veterans to make their lives more comfortable and enjoyable,” said Hanel. “I’m so happy we can do something for them because of what all they’ve done and sacrificed for us.”