Active in her community of Fairfield Bay, Ark., Lois Lemke was a longtime volunteer and supporter of the American Legion Auxiliary.

A retired accounting clerk, Lemke was married to Raymond Lemke, a veteran of World War II, who passed away in November 2002. The Lemkes had three sons, plus grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Lemke supported 14 charities with bequests after she passed away in February 2010 at the age of 83, including a charitable bequest to the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation for nearly $4,600.

Founded in 2007, the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation has provided a way for Auxiliary members, the community, and corporations that share our patriotic values to enhance the quality of life for future generations of veterans, military and their families.

If you’re interested in leaving a planned gift of your own to the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation, visit to download the ALA Planned Giving Guide. This valuable resource will help guide you through the planned giving process and help answer any questions you may have along the way. If you’d like more information, email or call 317-569-4500.