This American Legion Auxiliary Foundation grant can help

By Jennifer Donovan An easy way of giving back to our mission American Legion Auxiliary members are known for supporting our veterans. Serving our nation’s veterans is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Veterans’ needs can vary from community to community. ALA members are great at finding solutions to those needs. Unfortunately, sometimes the cost of the


American Legion Auxiliary Foundation grant year in review

As 2023 draws to a close, the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation invites you to look back on the projects funded in the past 12 months and join us in reaching toward diverse and strengthened partnerships to better the lives of veterans, military, and their families in the new year. In 2023, the ALA Foundation offered


Veterans Day of Giving helps support our military — here’s how you can help too

For more than 15 years, the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation has funded initiatives to serve veterans, military, and their families. The ALA Foundation empowers American Legion Auxiliary entities (units, districts/counties, and departments) to forge partnerships with organizations serving veterans and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs medical facilities in their communities. Together, our ALA entities and

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New veteran service projects grants available

The start of each new year brings with it feelings of excitement, productivity, and hope. We set financial goals, personal goals, and professional goals for the upcoming year. But do we set goals to be of service? Are we taking the time to evaluate the communities we’re living in and making it a priority to


The ALA Foundation celebrates 15 years of charitable good

The American Legion Auxiliary Foundation began serving veterans, military, and their families in 2007 and has never looked back. Though the ALA Foundation’s impact has grown exponentially since its inception, there is more to be done. One thing is certain: The ALA Foundation has served our nation’s heroes diligently for the past 15 years, and

For veterans: Pantry at the post home

American Legion Auxiliary members across the country continue to demonstrate creative and helpful ways to serve our nation’s veterans, military, and their families. Alley-White Unit 52 in Mountain Home, Ark., started a food pantry at its post home to help make a difference for veterans in the community. “It’s something that has always been important


ALA Foundation grant allows veterans to reach their full potential at the Delaware Home of the Brave

Averell Johns, a U.S. Navy veteran, former Delaware Home of the Brave resident, and current member of their board of directors, looked out at the garden at his home as he described the impact an American Legion Auxiliary Foundation grant had on his friends at the Home of the Brave. “You really help out a

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ALA Foundation grant helps U.S. Navy veteran gain new experiences, support, and camaraderie at Alaskan Veterans Home

United States Navy veteran Diane Smith grew up in the military. Her father was an aeronautical engineer in the Air Force, so she spent most of her childhood moving across the country. “As military kids, you get used to making new friends fast and then saying goodbye a lot and repeating it in the next

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ALA Foundation grant brings together a diverse community of indigenous peoples

A cultural divide has long affected the city of Salamanca, N.Y., which is located on the Seneca Nation of Indians Allegany Territory. “We are a blended community, both native and non-native. As a community, we have struggled to find positive meaning and messaging amongst our residents,” said Sandra Brundage, City of Salamanca Youth Bureau Director/Grant


ALA Foundation grant supports flagship Nebraska Veterans Creative Arts Festival, inspiring expansion and growth

Veteran Artist Michael Lentz Hosting a Veterans Creative Arts Festival (VCAF) is no small feat – and starting a festival in a new community is even more of a challenge. That’s why when members of the American Legion Auxiliary Department of Nebraska began their plans for their very first VCAF at the U.S.

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