Veterans serve out of a love for their country. Military families make tremendous sacrifices on behalf of their beloved veteran. The American Legion Auxiliary Foundation exists to ensure that both are given the respect and assistance they deserve.

That’s why Lynda Lancaster knew supporting the ALA Foundation with a planned gift was a great way to honor the many veterans she loves.

“I enjoy giving back to the veterans who give so much of themselves and for those who have given the ultimate sacrifice,” Lynda said. “Planned giving is a way I am able to help them or give them a little bit back in return.”

Lynda knows firsthand these sacrifices that not only veterans, but their spouses make for their country. She witnessed it as both of her grandfathers served in the U.S. Army in World War II, and her grandmother had to declare her husband deceased after he went missing in Germany. 

“From an early age, I knew what it meant to be an American and show my patriotism for this country,” Lynda said.

As she grew older, that patriotism was only solidified when she married her husband, a U.S. Navy veteran and American Legion post adjutant. Though she had never heard of the American Legion Auxiliary until they started dating, she quickly became involved in honor of her late husband, and fell in love with the mission.

One particularly poignant memory for Lynda was at a veterans gift shop hosted by her unit, when a disabled veteran wanted to pick out a gift for his wife. Though he couldn’t speak, the nurse shared that his wife loved jewelry. Lynda spent some time with the veteran, searching for the perfect gift.

“He couldn’t talk, but he kept hitting my hand for the gift he liked, so I went and got it wrapped,” Lynda said.

“He was crying, and I was crying. It just showed it’s the little things that mean so much to them.”

Though she knows these moments are invaluable, Lynda also believes it is important to use every avenue possible to honor our nation’s heroes, including financial gifts when possible.

“I love carrying out the mission of the ALA and serving our veterans, military, and our youth,” Lynda said. “The gifts I am able to give others will carry out the mission and programs of the ALA, even after I’m gone.”

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