The Eastern Nebraska Veterans Home (ENVH) provides care, therapy, and residence to 120 veterans at a time. They go above and beyond for our nation’s heroes, ensuring that veterans with varying needs get the distinct and top-of-the-line treatment they deserve.

One wing of the home treats up to 30 veterans with dementia. In summer 2019, ENVH staff realized they needed assistance in supporting these veterans with advanced technology to connect veterans with one another and stay engaged.

The Eastern Nebraska Veterans Home wanted a Lucynt projector – a game system that blends fun with physical activity and mental stimulation, which helps keep residents connected and their minds engaged. Even with a discounted price, the home could still not afford the state-of-the-art system.

That’s when the American Legion Auxiliary Department of Nebraska decided to lend a helping hand by applying for a Veteran Projects Fund grant from the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation. They were successful, receiving $4,480 from the ALA Foundation to support the home.

Since its installation, the projector has brought a renewed energy to residents.

“The players get excited; they smile and look happy,” said ALA member and ENVH chairman Leatrice Doolen.

“I believe this just might get a few more of them to join [in the activities] because of the bright colors and movement of the games.”

Not only is the Lucynt system helping residents interact with one another, it is also bringing joy and inspiration to the staff and volunteers at the ENVH, one of whom said they have never had anyone do something as generous as this.

“I am so proud of our organization and the programs we have available to us to help us provide for our veterans,” Doolen said. “Thank you so very much for granting us this money to do this for our veterans.”

Just as the Eastern Nebraska Veterans Home goes above and beyond for their residents, American Legion Auxiliary units and departments across the country do the same for our nation’s heroes with the help of the ALA Foundation.

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