The power of tribute donations honoring loved ones while making a difference

In life, we often find ourselves searching for meaningful ways to honor the memory of loved ones who have passed away or celebrate the milestones of those who are still with us. Tribute donations offer a beautiful and impactful way to pay homage to the people who touched our lives while simultaneously making a positive

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The ALA Foundation celebrates 15 years of charitable good

The American Legion Auxiliary Foundation began serving veterans, military, and their families in 2007 and has never looked back. Though the ALA Foundation’s impact has grown exponentially since its inception, there is more to be done. One thing is certain: The ALA Foundation has served our nation’s heroes diligently for the past 15 years, and

ALA National Headquarters staff member gives monthly for our nation’s heroes

Darius Carter (left), veteran and performer at 2018 NVCAF, and Sara Fowler, ALA National Headquarters staff member and ALA Foundation donor. Sara Fowler has been a full-time communications specialist and writer for the American Legion Auxiliary National Headquarters for over four years. Her interest in veterans, military, and their families peaked in college

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One month left to apply for the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation Board of Directors

The American Legion Auxiliary Foundation works to serve the mission of the ALA by raising funds, increasing brand awareness, and most importantly, giving financial support to American Legion Auxiliary units, departments, and national programs. As a member of the ALA Foundation Board of Directors, you will have the opportunity to be part of a dedicated

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ALA Foundation grant allows veterans to reach their full potential at the Delaware Home of the Brave

Averell Johns, a U.S. Navy veteran, former Delaware Home of the Brave resident, and current member of their board of directors, looked out at the garden at his home as he described the impact an American Legion Auxiliary Foundation grant had on his friends at the Home of the Brave. “You really help out a

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ALA Foundation President Cathe MacInnes spends her life fighting for the Faces Behind the Funds

Cathe MacInnes’ role as president of the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation Board of Directors might be new, but her dedication to veterans is anything but. The reason Cathe spends her time serving our nation’s heroes is simple – she does not want any veteran to be left behind, without the care they need and deserve.


ALA Foundation grant helps U.S. Navy veteran gain new experiences, support, and camaraderie at Alaskan Veterans Home

United States Navy veteran Diane Smith grew up in the military. Her father was an aeronautical engineer in the Air Force, so she spent most of her childhood moving across the country. “As military kids, you get used to making new friends fast and then saying goodbye a lot and repeating it in the next

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From generations of service to generations of support: Why Carlene Ashworth joined the Legacy Society

There were veterans in Carlene Ashworth’s family before she was born, and there will be veterans in her family long after she is gone. That’s why she recently decided to leave a planned gift to the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation. “If you are dedicated to who we are and what we do as an Auxiliary

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Marybeth Revoir: Why money matters for the ALA mission

Marybeth and her unit members at their local Fisher House American Legion Auxiliary National Treasurer Marybeth Revoir has never known a life without her beloved Auxiliary, and she never wants to. When Marybeth was just 4 months old, her mother became the first president of a brand new ALA unit and started both

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